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February 28, 2009

On Wednesday February 25th Hanshi Walter Parks passed away after battling illnesses for a long period of time. Unfortunately for myself, his friends,
and the Goju world he lost his battle on March 28th. A youth tournament is being held here in Plymouth where he was to be presiding over,
instead he will be honored and put to rest. Those in the New England area are invited to attend and give a hearty OSS! and say goodbye.
His funeral service will be held in Brookline Mass. Further details will be given by Monday 2nd day of March. Those who will attend should be dressed
in formal GEE attire as this is how he would have wanted it. Any questions you may contact me via E-Mail.

Hanshi Parks' funeral will be a very small event. He has been cremated. Due to the extreme current weather, Kyoshi Gascoyne thought it wise that we not travel at this time.
He is having a dedication for Hanshi Parks at the above tournament in Plymouth on March 28th, further details to be posted on this website.

                                                                                                      Respectfully Sensei Garry Gascoyne

Grand Master Walter Parks
- Sensei of USA Goju Karate 
                                                MASSACHUSETTS IRON BRIGADE
                                 Age: 64    Born: July 10, 1944 - Died: February 25, 2009


"by Helen Marguerite Price"
"Remember me when autumn leaves turn red and gold and brown,
And a gusty breeze blows through the trees and leaves flutter to the grown.

Remember me when the winter’s chill brings frost and ice and snow,
And a crackling fire in the fireplace gives warmth when cold winds blow.

Remember me when the crocus push their head up from the earth,
And spring awakens sleeping flowers to give them a rebirth.

Remember me when the raindrops fall and quench a thirsty sod,
to help all living things grow, a blessing from their God.

Remember me when the stars come out and twinkle in the sky,
And clouds are memories floating ghosts as they go drifting by.

Remember me when the whippoorwill calls out its mate,
And the sound you hear so sweet and clear has a message to relate.

Remember me through all seasons, summer, winter, spring and fall,
May you be blest with happiness and good health through them all."

My name is Garry and I am (and will always remain), a student and a friend to Hanshi Walter Parks.
I was asked to write a eulogy for him because we spent years together as student, teacher, and as friends.
I looked the word "eulogy" up to see just what it meant so I could get this right, and what it said was "Words of Praise."
I don't have enough time to do that phrase justice, when speaking of Walter. He was a man committed to his blood family.
He spoke of his Mom lovingly every time we got together. His sister, who he always did his best to watch over although sometimes
she drove him crazy like siblings do, but none the less, loved her as a good brother would. A son, that he wished he could have spent
more time with but always kept him in his heart. A niece, who sometimes taxed his patience but always knew she would turn out to
be a fine young lady and would be a person to be proud of.

His martial Arts family is so vast I can not single out any one individual, he had love and respect for so many of his peers.
Walter Parks had all these fond feelings in his heart that he carried with him every day. If I am to speak of Walter with high praise I must sum it up like this: his Karate name was the PRO given to him by his final teacher, Peter Urban and his character was every bit of that name. He was symmetry in motion when it came to his craft, to have watched him compete was a thing of  beauty. I, like every one else who knew him, will always remember him with love and fondness for the man that he was, the friend that he will always be, and the inspiration that we all will aspire to. Here on Earth we have suffered a loss, but in Heaven he has been welcomed
with open arms. We will miss you Sensei Walter Parks.
Garry Gascoyne, Kyoshi of the MASSACHUSETTS IRON BRIGADE  March 2, 2009


It is with deep sorrow, regret and sadness that I say goodbye to a man that has been a true friend to me,
and was what I like to call a 'favorite/beloved ' uncle to me, after my father passed away. 
I must say that GM Sekwii Sha is like my second father now, so that is why I call Hanshi Parks
a beloved uncle figure... I would like to also express my condolences and sympathy to his beloved
family and students... For those that knew of him, but did not really know him, let me tell you that he
was a very soft spoken man, with a gigantic heart and would give you the shirt off his back if you
needed it, even though he needed it too...

He was that true friend that would laugh at your jokes even if they were not that funny, and sympathize
with your problems even if they were not that bad. He also was a Godly man that did truly believe in God,
and had true faith in every sense of the word.  He will be truly, truly missed by us whom are left behind. 

But, I find comfort in knowing that he is now in the Kingdom of Heaven along with my father,
(as you can see in the picture my husband Bob did), my father is welcoming him into heaven.
With this loss, there is unfortunately another 'hole' in the soul of my father's beloved American Goju,
 but know that he is once again 'training' with the best up there...Rest in peace Hanshi Parks...
I love you and will never forget you... OSS!!!!!!!!!! 
Julia Urban-Kimmerley

Please visit Hanshi Parks' webpage on this USA Goju Honbu website: Hanshi Walter Parks Massachusetts Iron Brigade










The following photographs courtesy of Raymond Fitzpatrick, Hanshi



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