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who is the sole webmaster appointed and sanctioned by Grand Master Peter G. Urban.
Maestro's website is $upported by the voluntary contributions of his most LOYAL members.
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July 16, 2016~ 07:25 hrs.
 "Hear me world, when it comes to the internet, go to the horse’s mouth and not the horse’s posterior
if you want accuracy and not manipulative interpretation from practiced masters of dubious deniability."
The Horses Mouth =
USA Goju according to Urban

August 14, 1934 - April 7, 2004
In Memory of O' Sensei Peter G. Urban,
Father of American Goju Ryu Karate


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"URBAN SPEAKS" (newsletter) TIMELINE= Tuesday 1 July 2003 ..."Our living Webmaster, Sensei James Price "Ol'Reliable" of Gojulandia South
has a lifetime tenure and appointment by me. In short he will always be what I call "An Untouchable"
when it comes to the internet and URBAN GOJUDO website." Peter G. Urban, Ph.D.

 This Urban Goju International Hombu Website was created by webmaster James Price in 1998
By the request of Grand Master Peter G. Urban,
And is $upported by the voluntary contributions of its members.


The Urban Goju International  Website. On the Internet Since March, 1998
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